3 Tips For Finding The Best Lighting For Your Conveyor System


3 Tips For Finding The Best Lighting For Your Conveyor System

Every warehouse or manufacturing facility has a conveyor system to move materials from one place to another. Now, if your warehouse usually opens late into the evening, you need reliable lighting for your conveyor system. Proper lighting lights up the space so that workers can easily see the goods and materials as they load and offload them onto the material handling equipment. However, finding the right lighting solution for your plant can sometimes be challenging. As a guide, here are some three tips that will help you invest in the best conveyor lighting for your warehouse or plant.

1. Choose Lighting with No Glare

Glare can cause dangerous accidents in your facility. Unfortunately, most industrial lights that are meant for warehouses and industrial plants produce a lot of glare. If a worker stares into the light, they can be temporarily blinded, and this may cause them to trip over as they monitor the conveyor belt. Avoid this by investing in lighting that minimizes glare. If you have LED bulbs that produce glare, you may want to use reflectors to reduce the glare, promote visibility, and reduce accidents in the warehouse.

2. Go for Natural Lighting

Conveyor systems are used to move material from one location of the warehouse to another. Your workers need to be able to see the materials clearly, and this will only happen if you choose conveyor lighting with the right colors. Color affects clarity and contrast, and unnatural bulb colors can make it hard for workers to lead packaging labels or identify materials. Therefore, go for bulbs that produce the most natural color, preferably bright white as it is closer to the daylight.

3. Think about Energy Savings

Warehouse lighting contributes significantly to the annual energy consumption. If you install lighting for your conveyor system, you will be adding on to this bill. Remember, the longer the conveyor system, the more the bulbs you need and the more the energy that will be consumed. You can make savings by investing in energy-efficient bulbs such as LED lights. These bulbs are designed to reduce the amount of electricity that is used to generate light. As a result, they produce adequate and quality light while saving on energy. ‘

As you can see, lighting your conveyor system is essential if you operate your warehouse or plant at night. Lighting illuminates the space and makes it easy for workers to move around and monitor operations. Follow these tips to ensure that you buy the best lighting for your conveyor system and improve efficiency in your facility.

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