Dragonfly Means Enthusiasm For Quality And Sportswear


Dragonfly Means Enthusiasm For Quality And Sportswear

What is the Dragonfly Brand USA:

The marked company statements about the Dragonfly brand and symbol has been:

“Dragonfly itself represents enthusiasm for the creation of quality sportswear”

“Being a small and friendly company and not one those corporations that are huge and non-personal we can achieve more”

“That first stitch then later spread across the world”

“Maximum sports experience and quality sportswear of high quality is what we live for”

About their products:

By combining the desire to wear perfect clothes and the beauty of a sport, is what we aimed for and achieved, is always what comes from the designers.

Providing high-quality clothing for fitness, Bikram yoga, and pole dancing is synonymous with the brand.

Though durable, with a body that is precisely sophisticated, yet fragile, beautiful, with a combination of lightness is what the DragonFly wear is all about.

To start at the beginning:

Started by two young ladies, Petra, and Petr who studied economics, who as normal regular people never thought of being stuck in an office 5 days a week but wanted freedom.

This was their motivation to start their own business once they return home from their studies in Australia.

Once home they opened their Yoga Studio, Bikram, in their home town of České Budějovice.

But once they started working out they realized that something was missing.

It was the proper clothes, the clothes that would allow the freedom to do the yoga movements and still look beautiful, feminine and sexy.

Also the ability to be durable and functional and with not able to find any that on any of the fashion markets, they started making their own, as they thought would be perfect for what they wanted.

The response and feedback from their clients was more than what they expected. Not only did they get requests to make of these clothing for them but requests started coming in from their friends, their clientele’s friends and so on until the demand was there to create and market the own cloths line in bulk.

And so the Dragon Fly Brand was born!

So from the meek beginning in that small town in the Czech Republic to two workshops in the European Union, we have today an international brand synonymous with the original and perfect sport wear created from day one.

With the Dragonfly Brand USA also one of the biggest online markets in the world they still swear by the standards that they started with:

+Quality material

+Designs that is essential with any type of sports (Yoga or Pole dancing especially)

+The same love the wearers of the sportswear items show for their clothes are put into making these clothes

+Though an international company, all items are still made in the two European Union workshops but available worldwide via online shopping, but still with the same love, care, and passion since day one.

+Hand cut but still professionally and uniquely superior to other products on the market

+Comes in various designs, colors and materials of all the same qualities and features as the very first items made back when they were just two yoga instructors making their clothes from day one.

  • Personally sampled and approved, as they still use the same clothing when doing their own sports activities daily.

To put it in the simplest of terms” Dragonfly Brand USA are not only guaranteed but gives you that second-skin fit and feel when you need it most”

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