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An energy label indicates whether your house is more or less energy-efficient, and thus also indicates whether additional saving measures are necessary or possible. By requesting an energy label and making it final, you get an overview of the characteristics of the home, such as cavity wall insulation, floor insulation, glazing, heating and more.

During the application, all sorts of questions are asked about the house, so also whether floor insulation is present or not. The levels of the label range from A (most energy-efficient) to G (least energy-efficient). Does your house have label G, then it’s time to think about the possibilities to get a higher label. Not just for example the heating costs down, but also to make the home more attractive when you plan to sell it.

Importance of floor insulation

The importance of floor insulation has been known for some time. Insulation ensures that as little energy transport as possible takes place between spaces where different temperatures prevail. Floor insulation forms a barrier between the cold room under the house (crawl space) and the house above it.

The greater the temperature difference between the two, the greater and faster the transport when no insulating layer is present. The result is that more needs to be fired to get it warm. But more heating also increases CO2 emissions. An average household without floor insulation emits around 600 kilos more Co2 than one with floor insulation.

It should be noted that the environmental impact for the production of floor insulation material outweighs the lower emissions of CO2 by a household with a house where floor insulation is applied. House Painters on Gold Coast can handle your renovation professionally.

The importance of floor insulation in relation to the environment has been described above, but direct, observable advantages also play a major role. No one likes cold feet, nor does it have a high energy bill. These are directly observable consequences of a home without floor insulation.

Only floor insulation is not enough to make a house energy-efficient and less environmentally harmful. When applying for an energy label, all insulation options are discussed.
If you want a well-insulated property, you also need to apply it:

Insulation not only ensures a pleasant indoor climate through high-quality insulation work, but also the rates are favorable, which means that the investment pays for itself within a few years.

The renovation of existing homes has gained a lot of popularity in recent years if you need a repaint contact a House Painters on Gold Coast. By renovating, you can fully adapt a house to your taste, but also to the standards that are imposed by law. For example, there is the EPB, where insulation in particular is an important part. In case of renovations, the insulation must be considered.

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