How To Find The Best TEFL Jobs In Cambodia

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How To Find The Best TEFL Jobs In Cambodia

Buoyed by a rapidly growing economy and a robust middle class that is keen on ensuring their kids learn English as a foreign language for them to remain connected with the rest of the globe, Cambodia is an excellent overseas destination for those striving to find good TEFL jobs. But getting TEFL jobs in Cambodia isn’t that easy, just like with getting teaching jobs in any other overseas destination. Below are some valuable tips to enable you to land some of the best TEFL jobs in Cambodia has to offer.

Check opportunities on the job boards

There are hundreds of TEFL sites that advertise thousands of teaching jobs across Cambodia and other Asian nations. Checks these sites and the teaching opportunities they are offering. Apply for the opportunities that you are best qualified for.

Use recruiters and placement agencies

Just like other Asian countries, a huge percentage of TEFL teachers are employed through placement agencies and recruiters. Placement services can connect you with the best paying teaching opportunities where remuneration is given based on your qualifications and experience. But don’t assume any recruiter out there will connect you with the best TEFL jobs in Cambodia. Therefore, research every recruiter you wish to work with and ensure they have a good reputation.

Reach out to schools and other language learning institutions

You can get the best TEFL teaching jobs by contacting schools and other language learning institutions directly. This is a great strategy to use to land a TEFL job in a specific Cambodian city or region. You can either visit the website of the particular school you want to teach at or report to the school in person and show them your credentials.


Word of mouth can dramatically help you land a well-paying teaching job without breaking a sweat. For instance, join an expat group of other English teachers working in Cambodia. After knowing each other, you can start contacting some of the teachers that you have befriended and ask them to recommend you to schools and other institutions that are offering teaching opportunities. Keeping in touch with your fellow teachers will expose you to more teaching opportunities in Cambodia.


Cambodia is a land full of TEFL teaching opportunities. Again, landing the best TEFL jobs in Cambodia is pretty easy considering there is an insatiable demand for TEFL teachers. Hopefully, the above tips will help you find your dream teaching job in Cambodia.

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