Stabilised Chlorine For A Cleaner Outdoor Pool

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Stabilised Chlorine For A Cleaner Outdoor Pool

Where there is water, there is life. Nearly every living thing craves it. This can become a problem if you have a swimming pool in your property. Not only do pools attract people, they also make it possible for fungus and bacteria to thrive with the moisture. Those swimming in the water can get infections and skin irritations. Physically removing the debris is not enough. This requires chemical treatment to disinfect the water and kill the pathogens. Chlorine is the chemical of choice. It gives pools that familiar blue tint and clarity that you want to see before you take a dip. Note that there are two types: unstable and stabilised chlorine. The latter offers the following advantages:

Longer Effective Period

Stabilised chlorine has an additive called cyanuric acid, often referred to as CYA. It’s what makes this type more stable. Without it, chlorine would be defenseless against the UV rays of the sun. Exposure to sunlight would break the chemical down which means it would be open season for the microorganisms once again. Owners will have to add more chlorine frequently to compensate for the sun’s effects and keep the pool pH in a good range. Thanks to CYA, the water effectively has a sunblock that reduces the damage caused by ultraviolet rays. The chemical can last much longer so the water can stay clean for extended periods.

Easier to Maintain

A pool with stabilised chlorine is easier to maintain, especially when you have an outdoor pool that gets a lot of sunlight. The chemical can last around 5x longer than unstable chlorine so owners don’t have to constantly pour solutions in the water. It comes in tablet form with a slow release formula for a steady cleaning action. To figure out when they should give another dose, it’s best to test the water’s pH and chlorine level. This should be around 3 parts per million for reliable sanitation. Unstable chlorine can still be useful for indoor pools.

Saves Money Due to Low Use

Pool owners can save quite a bit of money on chemicals over time by using the stable kind of chlorine. Since their supply can last five times longer, they would also need to purchase five time less every year.

Less Harsh on Skin, Hair, and Fabrics

CYA has another benefit for swimmers. This solution can make the water less harsh on skin and hair so taking a dip won’t have to create aesthetic issues. Wearing a swimming cap can provide additional protection for the hair.

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